How it will work?

The not-for-profit Glounthaune Homes Trust will develop the properties.  Qualifying individuals will buy a lifetime share in a unit from the Trust. This lifetime share may be ultimately sold back to the Trust with the initial investment passing back to the individual or his/her estate.  The unit will then be refurbished by the Trust and a new qualifying occupier found. An annual service levy to cover running costs will be charged. The lump sum to fund the project could conceivably come from the sale of the family home and it may be the case that there would be a capital sum realised to supplement pensions and other living expenses.

This project would provide an alternative to remote care homes or early hospitalisation, in a supportive, friendly and safe community environment and will keep people in the community in which they have their roots and significantly enrich Glounthaune for all.



  • To provide housing and associated amenities of a high standard for older persons.
  • To make provision for the physical, mental, social, educational and recreational needs of older persons with the active participation and involvement of the older person
  • To promote the provision of associated services, home based care and transport services for those older persons who are unable to provide for their own needs.
  • To prevent illness, incapacity and isolation among older persons by providing contact, support, social stimulation, recreation, artistic and creative activities.
  • To promote self-help and empowerment of older persons.
  • To promote awareness among policy makers and the population as a whole, of both the needs and the potential of older persons.

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