Glounthaune Homes Trust (GHT) has been established to provide housing for the senior population of Glounthaune. GHT provides opportunities for independent living for senior residential householders in Glounthaune who may wish to downsize from their current large family home. GHT is a not-for-profit purpose vehicle specially set up to facilitate the realisation of this community project.

Many of the older residents of Glounthaune have expressed interest in down-sizing but opportunities of buying a more modest suitable property in the Glounthaune area are rare. The only alternative is to move to Nursing Homes or equivalent at a far remove from the Glounthaune environment, leaving behind community, roots, and friends.

There is a strong desire of many of the senior population in Glounthaune to remain in the area and keep in touch with their friends and continue active participation in the community which is a huge factor in their health and wellbeing.



  • To provide housing and associated amenities of a high standard for older persons.
  • To make provision for the physical, mental, social, educational and recreational needs of older persons with the active participation and involvement of the older person
  • To promote the provision of associated services, home based care and transport services for those older persons who are unable to provide for their own needs.
  • To prevent illness, incapacity and isolation among older persons by providing contact, support, social stimulation, recreation, artistic and creative activities.
  • To promote self-help and empowerment of older persons.
  • To promote awareness among policy makers and the population as a whole, of both the needs and the potential of older persons.

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Glounthaune Homes Trust,
27, Cork Road, Midleton, Co. Cork

Email: ghttrust@gmail.com
Phone: 086 8138807